This course is for beginners, it is based on what I did that led to my first out-of-body experience and what I did to allow them to continue.  


It is for people 18 and over given the sometimes sensitive nature of this subject. 

It is not a long and complicated course but it does involve dedication and consistency. When I had my first OBE it wasn't planned in fact I wasn't even trying however I was trying to lucid dream. I was studying my dreams at the time, my desire was to experience who I truly am so I suppose I Obe'd by default. To experience who you truly are at some point you have to expand your consciousness and go beyond the physical body. 

 I was dedicated in my spiritual practice and consistent this is of utmost importance. 

The course is available via my forum where there is an astral projection discussion group, it is without charge.

 Click Here to go to the forum, join and go to the Spirit Category for access to the course. 

Astral Projection