Mind Body Spirit Integration 


I can help you balance your life. Are you stressed? Ill? Unhappy? What are you missing in life that prevents you feeling fulfilled?    

Reiki Level 2 (distance healing) 


Reiki is a process it can show you what you need to do in order to heal, solve problems, it can also alleviate pain. 


Dream Analysis  


Dreams are like windows to our inner life, they can show you so much and guide you through life. I can teach you how to interpret your dreams.


Astral Projection Training 


If you want to experience who you truly are Astral Projection can help you expand your consciousness and explore your inner being in a way that will change your life. 18 and over only.

CLICK HERE for information on my Astral Projection Course

Hi my name is Alison Wylie, I liked to be called Ali as 'ali' in Italian means 'wings', I've always had flying dreams and have been having out-of-body experiences since around the year 2000, 'ali' reminds me to keep flying at night and in life in the symbolic sense of course. 

My inner life, through meditation, dreams and out-of-body experiences, has taught me the importance of physical life, to give it our all, never give up, to give it our best shot. 

I have learnt that we are guided through life, though many do not realise it, we receive signs and help if we only know how to tune in to our inner guidance system. My OBEs have taught me so much, now I wish to help others so they may live happy and fulfilling lives in mind, body and spirit 

Holistic Coach, Mind Body Spirit

I have also learnt through experience that if we have a physical ailment we must look not only externally but also internally for the cause, we must not just treat the symptom but look deeper into WHY we have a particular problem. Recurring headaches, for example, why are we getting them, we must change our way of dealing with the things we get wrong with us and stop covering up the symptoms doing this will just make matters worse in the long run. Look for the reason behind the symptom for total healing. Any advice I give is not a replacement for traditional medical advice, you should always consult your doctor if you have a health problem. I provide advice and guidance for your life in general, to improve quality of life and general well-being. 

If you need help in any of the areas described above on a one to one basis then send me a message here in the forum. I don't do live calls due to time differences, however, you can send me a private message here on the forum describing your problem, what you would like help with etc. I will do a private video which I will upload to my private membership site where you can register and access your video or videos, if you prefer I can also record an audio. 

If you prefer to communicate only using email that is ok too. Just let me know your preferences in the message. 

  In exchange for my services I have an Amazon Wish List with various books which I would love to read, please choose from the list. The Wish List is on the Italian Amazon as delivery will cost less seeing as I live in Italy. 

My Wish List 

You are free to choose which book you send me, some cost more than others, it is totally up to you. 

1 book per consultancy. Thanks!  Ali