Connecting the Bits   

        Mind Body Spirit Podcast

This podcast is all about making connections, not external connections but internal ones. We are holistic beings and to experience a good quality of life we need to balance mind, body and spirit, neglect in either of these areas could lead to illness. Prevention is always better than cure so learning to live well is essential. We are, believe it or not, guided through our lives, there are signposts, but all too often we are too distracted to notice, too lost in our external worlds of worry and fear. Connecting the Bits is concerned with helping people see those signposts and act on them, to try and understand why we have certain issues and discover the remedy. Let's heal our lives together.

The Astral Projection Podcast

Astral Projection can be an incredible adventure into consciousness. A voyage into the unknown, this is where this podcast will take you: beyond the physical, beyond the world we see around us. The Astral Projection Podcast will take you to the very essence of your being.