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How Do You Eat?

I live in Italy, this is the land of good food and oh boy do Italians love eating, whatever they do

there always seems to be a meal at the end of it, I try to avoid weddings as the first course to me seems like the buffet table for the whole day.

They love eating and they love eating in company which is fine if everyone is happy and jolly. Lately I have been having a few thoughts about food and how we eat and I have come to the conclusion that the mood we eat in and the discussion going on at the table is also important.

Dr Masaru Emoto's experiments show how emotions effect water:

Therefore, considering that food is made up of water in varying degrees it makes sense that how we are feeling when we eat or what the mood is at the table, could effect the quality of the food we eat.

With all the negative influences that affect our food and water these days we want to make sure the food we eat does us good and promotes our health as much as possible. Our food, via its water content, could even absorb the emotions of everyone it has come into contact with throughout the journey to our table.

Maybe appreciating what we have in front of us does actually improve the food's quality; being aware of what we are eating and how we are eating by having positive feelings at the table could make a big difference. Taking time to enjoy our mealtimes and snacktimes is so important. Italians do tend to rush around a bit, coffee in the morning is often taken standing at the bar. Earlier in the week I went for a coffee after swimming with a group of people, I was expecting a sit down and chat so I ordered a cappuccino and was persuaded to have a piece of jam tart. I really wish I had only asked for a glass of water as I was still only half way through my coffee when the rest of the group were walking out the door, I had to gulp it down, 'never again' I thought, it lay like a brick in my stomach, normally I would have taken at least half an hour over my treat. Wow how do they do it?!

I went back to the same bar this morning after a walk and sat and savoured my coffee outside in the sun it felt so good.

I believe that we should take more time to savour what we eat and drink, put the phone somewhere else and simply appreciate what we have on our plates and all the work that went into it from the very start of its life.

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